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What Is The Counseling Consultant?

The Counseling Consultant is a full-service
Practice Development Consultancy.


We help marriage and family counselors, psychologists, and clinical social workers build their practices while enhancing the therapeutic relationship.

Who We Are

Our founder, Stewart Griffith, is a veteran of Silicon Valley who first earned his B.S. degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University back in 1988. 


He then went on to work for both IBM and Informix Software, holding positions in Product Development, Product Management, Sales Engineering, Field Marketing, and Channel Marketing.


Now, helping small business is his passion!

Where We Are

The Counseling Consultant is a San Diego County sole proprietorship located in the beautiful Fallbrook area of Southern California.

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As with all of our products and services, each website we design is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


In addition, each website we design is:

  • Built to the latest Industry Standards for


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    & CSS and tested on ALL major web browsers;
  • Built only with the latest Adobe® CS6 Dreamweaver and Photoshop products;
  • Built only by degreed Computer Science professionals.
Your Website may be the First Thing Your Clients See ... So Make it Beautiful and Powerful!

The Counseling Consultant

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We Help Our Clients ... Get Clients
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The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


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