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TouchPointTM Marketing

A good client experience -- and the resulting referrals -- don't just "happen".


That's why we advise our clients to make sure that each point of client interaction -- each customer "touch-point" -- is carefully crafted to make a positive impression on the client.

The End Goal

As a mental health professional, you owe it to your clients to think carefully about each interaction from their point of view.


From what your print advertising says to how you explain where the restrooms are, we recommend that you carefully consider EVERY client interaction to make sure that it is:

  • Courteous & Considerate;
  • Polished & Professional; and
  • Effective & Efficient.


Making sure that each client touch-point is positive and professional shows respect for the client, and builds the client's respect for you.


And that respect can result in better therapeutic relationships as well as greater client loyalty and more referrals.

Ground Zero

Today, the first and most important client touch-point is your website. It's often the first glimpse of your practice that your client will see.


So to get you started off right -- and to help you save money as well -- we've bundled commonly requested services together into three packages:

  • Counseling STARTUPTM
  • Counseling ADVANCEDTM
  • Counseling PREMIUMTM
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Counseling STARTUPTM

Our Counseling STARTUPTM package includes these fine features:

  • FREE (and very important) Book, "Financial Success in Mental Health Practice"
  • FREE® Email & Hosting for One Year
    • Real Email
      • Both Webmail and Download to Outlook etc.
    • Real Hosting
      • From a Name-Brand, Top Tier Vendor,®
      • No Limits on Page Format, Number of Pages, Amount Downloaded
  • FREE Keyword URL3
    • Critical Google Search Keywords Right in URL
    • Short, Memorable, & Professional
  • Beautiful & Powerful Full-Custom Web Design
    • Unique Visual Design That YOU Own
      • Sets You Apart from the Pack
      • Design Copyright Transferred to You
    • Attention-Getting Features
      • Beautiful Visuals
      • Gentle Movement
      • Subtle Sound4
      • Your Own Favicon5
    • Professional Content Assistance
      • We Provide the Marketing Copy and Visuals6,7
      • You Provide the Detail Copy, i.e., What You Want to Say
      • We Edit the Detail Copy For You
  • Advanced Website with Superior Technology
    • Fast Download
      • So You Don't Lose Prospective Clients!
      • Pages Optimized for Size
      • Pages Only Load Changed Content, Not Entire Page
      • Pages Download Graphics Asynchronously Where Possible
    • Designed for Click-Thru™
      • Built to Elicit Clicks & Pull Clients into Website
      • Lets You See What Clients Like & Click On
    • SEO First Pass™
      • Search Engine Optimization Boosts Your Ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
      • Keywords Built Right Into Every Part of Your Website
      • Search Engine Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing
    • Includes Up to 10 Pages
      • E.g., Map & Directions, Policies & Forms, Biography
    • Full Design Documentation Delivered via DVD or Cloud


Includes ALL Counseling STARTUPTM features, PLUS:

  • FREE Therapy Partner™ Credit Card Processing
    for 2 Months8
    • Completely Removes the Issue of Money from the Counseling Session
      • Client Fills Out Authorization Form on Intake
      • You Enter Credit Card Info One Time
      • You Charge Client for Each Session After They Leave
    • Guarantees Payment for No-Shows, Late-Cancels, and Phantom Clients!
  • FREE Google AlertsTM Setup9
    • Alerts is Google's Email-based Business Notification Service
    • See When Your Name or Your Practice is Mentioned on Web!
  • Complete Set of Matching Marketing Materials & Templates
    • Same Visual Design as Your Website
    • Includes ALL Major Marketing Documents
    • 250 Business Cards PLUS 250 Appointment Cards
      • Full-Color, Single-Sided
      • 100 lb. Premium Matte Paper
    • 50 Letterhead Stationery PLUS 50 Envelopes
      • 70 lb. Smooth Matte Paper
      • Matching #10 Envelopes
    • 280 Return Address Labels
    • PowerPoint Template for Presentations
    • Fax Cover Sheet Template
    • ALL Document Templates Provided on DVD
      • Lets You Reorder Materials at Low Internet Prices, from ANY Vendor You Choose
  • Google AdWordsTM Ad Campaign
    • Advertise Your Practice in Google Search Results
    • Includes AdWordsTM Setup, Ad Copy for 2-3 Ads
    • Does Not Include Price of Ads, e.g. $1-$5 a day
    • Turn Your Ads Off or On As Your Client Load Changes
    • Easily Track Your Advertising Results
  • Google AnalyticsTM and Google Webmaster CentralTM Setup10
    • Track Visitors to Your Website
    • See Who is Clicking on What Pages

Counseling PREMIUMTM

Includes ALL Counseling ADVANCEDTM features, PLUS:

  • FREE™ Virtual Office 600 Phone System for 3 Months11
    • A Full Service Phone System for Your Practice
      • Includes All Standard Features such as 91112, CallerID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, etc.
      • Includes Amazing Extra Features
    • Carry Only One Phone13
      •™ App Runs on Your Personal Cellphone
      • Clients Only See Your Business CallerID
    • Safely Call Clients from Your Home Phone or Any Phone14
      • Online App Runs from Your Account
      • Clients Only See Your Business CallerID
      • Landline Sound Quality, No Cellular Charges
    • Instant Client Voicemail Notification, One-Click Listening15
      • Just Click Link Sent in Text Message or Email
    • Create Separate Voicemail Boxes for Emergency versus Routine Messages
    • Includes Find-Me / Follow-Me
      • E.g. Rings Office, then Home Office, then Cellphone, then Voicemail
    • Includes Conference Calling and Electronic Fax Service
    • Includes Voice Menu & Dial-by-Name Capabilities
  • Professional Practice™ Phone Menu16
    • Your Phone Menu Is The First Direct Contact Your Prospective Clients Have With Your Practice!
    • Make a Great Impression with a Professionally-Authored, Professionally-Recorded Custom Voice Menu
    • Answer Common Questions with Recordings
      • E.g. Directions, Hours, etc.
    • Promote Services with Informational Messages
      • E.g. Free Initial Consultation
    • Includes Scripting, Voice Talent, Music17, Recording, & Setup
  • Amazon™ Bookstore on Your Website18
    • Makes Your Website Stand Out from the Rest
    • Put the Books You Recommend in Your Own Store
      • Easier for You to Recommend Helpful Books
      • Easier for Clients to Find, Plus No More Excuses
    • Keep the Profits or Donate to Charity
    • Add or Remove Books Yourself
      • No Website Changes Required19

  1. Plus Tax
  2. Valid credit card and autobilling agreement required
  3. Based on URL availability
  4. Package includes up to $20 of sound files, typically licensed from vendors like or; For comparison, the sound files on this website cost far less than that; Client will be billed for any sound files selected beyond the $20 amount
  5. A Favicon, or "Favorites Icon", is that tiny graphic next to the URL in a web browser's address bar that also shows up in your Favorites or Bookmarks list next to the saved URL; Package also includes a similar graphic for Apple devices, e.g. iPhone
  6. Package includes up to $150 of visuals, typically licensed from Getty Images, iStockPhoto, or Fotolia; For comparison, the visuals on this website cost far less; Client will be billed for any visuals selected beyond the $150 amount
  7. The Counseling Consultant retains the copyright for all copy (text) appearing on the website with the exception of unedited, copyrighted material contributed by the client. This allows our clients to benefit from material developed and copyrighted by The Counseling Consultant during previous consulting engagements

    The client agrees to retain the following notice in the website footer so long as any Counseling Consultant copy appears on their website: "Portions of this website are Copyright 2011 The Counseling Consultant and are used by permission"
  8. Requires credit approval; Plus 4.99% transaction fee, but no batch or processing fees; Renews (currently) at $29.99 per month after free months expire; All rates and fees set by and subject to change; Approval, training, and support by;  Click Here to Get Your Promo Code & Sign Up
  9. Google Alerts is a free service that we configure for you
  10. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster are free services that we install and configure for you
  11. Requires high-speed internet connection, e.g., cable; Virtual Office 600 plan w/Extra Number includes 600 minutes per month, (currently) 4.9¢ per minute thereafter; Includes 3 Numbers (1 Local, 1 8xx, 1 Fax); Renews (currently) at $24.99+$4.99 per month after free months expire; All rates set by and subject to change; Support by (24x7)
  12. IMPORTANT NOTE: is an Internet telephony solution; 911 feature requires working Internet connection to function; Requires that address on file be kept current; FAILURE TO KEEP YOUR ADDRESS CURRENT OR ANY FAILURE OF THE INTERNET CONNECTION WILL CAUSE THE 911 FEATURE TO NOT WORK PROPERLY
  13. Mobile Office runs on Android and Blackberry phones, and uses the cellular network to make calls; Mobile VoIP runs on iPhone, but requires the 3G or WIFI network to make calls
  14. Internet connection required; e.g., on website, press Click-to-Call, enter your home phone #, enter client's #, double-check that CallerID on Click-to-Call form is your business CallerID, press okay, your home phone rings and connects you to client with your business CallerID showing; Display of the proper CallerID is the sole responsibility of the client and
  15. One-Click Listening requires Internet connection, e.g. 3G or WIFI
  16. Account Required for Setup; Standard voice talent included; Alternate voice talent available for an additional fee; All scripts created are used by permission of The Counseling Consultant, which retains the copyright therein
  17. Package includes up to $58 of background music sound files, typically licensed from vendors like or; Client will be billed for any sound files selected beyond the $58 amount
  18. The Counseling Consultant will register client as an Amazon Affiliate and configure the bookstore; To receive royalty payments clients must submit their SSN or Tax ID to; Clients should check and consult with their accountant or tax professional regarding tax implications and any permits required, e.g. a Seller's Permit
  19. For books merchandized en masse in a bookstore page on your website; For books merchandized individually, e.g., a marriage book listed right on your marriage counseling page, minor website changes would be required to offer another or different book or resource
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The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


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