We LOVE Our Competition ... Because They Make Us Look So GOOD!

Don't RENT!

Companies like TherapySitesTM want you to RENT your website and pay up to $59 a month ... FOREVER.


But OWNING is cheaper than RENTING after only 26 months.


And -- since you'll probably be in practice more than 5 years -- if you RENT, you'll have paid DOUBLE!

OWN Your Website!

When you choose to OWN your website, you'll get a beautiful and powerful website custom-made for your practice.


And with our 10 Month No-Interest Financing, you can OWN your website outright for as little as $150 a month.


Low Ongoing Costs

When you OWN your website, instead of paying $59 every month, you only pay for a simple webhosting plan once a year, which we can setup for you.


For example, webhosting plans from brand-name vendors like GoDaddy.com® cost only about $6 a month.


That's over $50 savings every month!

The Bottom Line

For only $791 more in the first year, you can lower your yearly website costs by 90% ... EVERY year after.


Why pay $708 every year to RENT a generic-template website, when for only $72 a year you can host a unique and beautiful site that you OWN?

Months 12 24 36 48
US  $1499 $72 $72 $72
THEM  $708 $708 $708 $708
Savings -$791 $636 $636 $636
For about $800 more in the FIRST year, you'll save over $600 EVERY year
Thank You TherapySites!
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The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


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