Not Sure Where to Start?   Here's A Shopping List of Things to Look For

Start Here!

To find a good website and webhosting package, look for the following:

  • Beautiful and powerful visuals and wording that match the emotional content you want for each page;
  • Movement, colorful graphics, subtle sound … and yet a small footprint for fast download;
  • A unique, exclusive visual design that you own, not a generic template that the webhosting company owns;
  • A design that is ‘Responsive’ and looks great on any device the client uses, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC;
  • Real webhosting and e-mail from reliable, well-known vendors like Yahoo!® or®.

Decisions, Decisions!

With so many important decisions to be made when you start your practice, you'll also want a vendor that can provide real business consulting.


For example, as a full-service agency, we can help you:

  • Select your business & website name;
  • Choose your business location, which is surprisingly important;
  • Create your business logo and tagline;
  • Choose your overall marketing "look & feel";
  • Create your website content; and
  • Create matching forms, business cards, brochures, signage, etc. when you need them.


Your Website may be the First Thing Your Clients See ... So Make it Beautiful and Powerful!
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The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


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