What To Expect:   Our Design Process Step By Step


Here’s what to expect once you’ve selected one of our Counseling STARTUP™, Counseling ADVANCED™, or Counseling PREMIUM™ packages:


In Phase One we collect the necessary information to open an account and finalize your purchase:

  1. First we Open a Counseling Consultant Account for you using the following information:
    1. Current business mailing address
    2. Physical address for FREE Book (No PO Boxes)
    3. Current email address
    4. Name as it appears on your credit card
    5. Credit card billing address (if different)
    6. Credit card number, expiration, CVV code
  2. Then we email you a Counseling Consultant Invoice which contains the details of your purchase
  3. Next your credit card will be charged:
    1. For Standard Payment Terms:
      1. One $99 deposit up front
      2. Remainder plus tax on delivery (Phase Five)
    2. For 10-month Payment Terms:
      1. One $99 deposit up front
      2. We email you an Automatic Billing Agreement, which you print, sign and return
      3. Remainder in 10 equal payments, one each month for 10 months
      4. Plus one final payment of any taxes due
      5. Payments made on either the 1st or the 15th, your choice
      6. E.g. for Counseling STARTUP™ at a sale price of $999, that would be $99 up front, then $90 per month for 10 months, then one final tax payment the next month
  4. Finally, for each payment made we send a Counseling Consultant Statement via email or mail, your choice.


In Phase Two we collect the information needed to create your website and other products:

  1. Biography Information
    1. Schools, Years, & Degrees
    2. Work History
    3. Certifications
    4. Professional Memberships
    5. Treatment Orientation
  2. Services & Specialty Information
    1. Specialty Description
    2. Specialty Approach
  3. Marketing Information
    1. Personas & Scenarios
    2. Target Market
    3. Regional & Practice Demographics
  4. Design Information
    1. Look & Feel Preferences
    2. Pages & Content Desired
    3. Sound Preferences
  5. Testimonials
    1. Any Existing Material
    2. How to “Solicit” New Material
  6. Policy & Forms Information
    1. Scheduling
    2. Payment
    3. Cancellation
    4. Forms
  7. Biography Picture
    1. Professional Photography with Touchup Recommended
      1. Limited Photoshop Touchup Included for FREE
    2. Professional Clothing Color-Matched to Website Recommended
      1. Limited Photoshop of Clothing Color Included for FREE
    3. Multiple Pictures Recommended
    4. Different Emotional Content per Picture Recommended, e.g.:
      1. Thoughtful
      2. Smiling / Engaging
      3. Listening
      4. Caring / Compassionate
      5. Laughing
  8. Location Information
    1. Addresses
      1. Office Location
      2. Business Mailing
      3. Business Shipping
    2. Phone Numbers
    3. Directions
  9. Preferred Email Addresses for New Website
    1. For Counselor(s)
    2. For website Contact Us
    3. For website Administration
      1. E.g., Yahoo, Google
    4. (For Services administration)
      1. E.g., Phone.com, Therapy Partner, Amazon.com, VistaPrint.com
  10. (Phone.com Menu Information)
    1. Basic Menu Options
    2. Promotional Messages for Services
    3. Informational Messages
    4. On-Hold Messages
    5. Mailboxes & Extensions
  11. (Therapy Partner Information)
    1. Credit Card Processing Application


In the Phase Three we create the Visual Design, Sound Design, and Marketing Design, and then review each of them:

  1. We take the information from Phase Two and create a unique Visual Design including:
    1. Key Visuals, Colors, & Fonts
    2. Layout & Navigation
  2. We review the Visual Design with you
    1. You Identify The Issues (if any)
      1. Is the Emotional Content Correct?
      2. Will the Design Appeal to Your Clients?
      3. What Does the Design “Say”?
      4. Is it Beautiful? Is it Powerful?
    2. We Supply The Fixes
      1. One to Three Fixes per Issue
      2. You Select Fix of Your Choice
  3. We take the Information from Phase Two and create the Sound Design, e.g.:
    1. Sound(s) for Website
    2. (Music, Sound(s) for Phone Menu & On-Hold Messaging)
  4. We review the Sound Design with you
    1. You Identify The Issues (if any)
    2. We Supply The Fixes
  5. We take the Information from Phase Two and create the Marketing Design, e.g.:
    1. Business Name & URL
    2. Business Tagline
    3. Headlines & Copy
    4. (Google AdWords Ad Copy, Keywords)
    5. (Phone.com Promotional, Informational, & On-Hold Scripts)
  6. We review the Marketing Design with you
    1. You Identify The Issues (if any)
    2. We Supply the Fixes
  7. We have you Sign Off on the Visual, Sound, & Marketing Designs
  8. Note: Two Rounds of Design Review are Included FREE
    1. Additional Rounds Available at Hourly Rates
  9. Note: Visual, Sound, & Marketing Design Reviews may be done separately, simultaneously, or concurrently


In the Phase Three we implement the design, and then review it for correctness:

  1. Website Structure & Navigation
  2. Website Marketing Copy
  3. Website Detail Copy
  4. (Marketing Materials Copy)
    1. Business Cards
    2. Appt. Cards
    3. Return Address Labels
    4. Fax Cover Sheet
    5. PowerPoint Template
  5. (AdWords Ad Copy)
  6. (Phone.com Scripts & Recordings)
    1. Main Menu
    2. Promotional Messages for Services
    3. Informational Messages
    4. On-Hold Messages
  7. (Amazon Bookstore)
    1. Correct Books in Store
    2. Correct Placement of Books within Website if Individually Merchandized


In Phase Five we schedule your training and deliver all marketing materials and documentation:

  1. We’ll schedule one or more sessions to train you on how to:
    1. Access Your GoDaddy.com® or Yahoo.com® Hosting Account
      1. Check Your Web Stats
      2. See Your Auto-Billing
      3. Contact Support
    2. (Access Your Therapy Partner Account)
      1. Log In
      2. Basic Functioning
    3.  (Access Your Google Account)
      1. Google Webmaster
      2. Google Analytics
      3. Google AdWords
    4. (Access Your VistaPrint.com Account)
      1. Find Your Business Card Template, etc.
      2. Reorder
    5. (Access Your Phone.com Account)
      1. Check Your Voicemail
      2. See Your Numbers, Extensions, Greetings, Messages
      3. Click-to-Call
      4. App Download Page
      5. Contact Support
    6. (Access Your Amazon Affiliate Account)
      1. How to See Sales Reports
      2. How to Add or Remove Books
  2. We coordinate Final Delivery upon Payment:
    1. Website Published
    2. All Marketing Collateral Shipped
    3. Full Website / Phone / Marketing / Support Documentation Delivered on DVD
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The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


The Counseling Consultant's Package Deals


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