ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the ANSWERS to our frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-837-2251.


Why Is Having a Good Website So Important?

If you want more clients and more referrals, then a powerful and professional website is a must-have. That's because your website is often the first impression your clients have of your practice. And if it's not good, it may be their last!   Learn More >>

What Should I Look For in a Website?

Getting your website up and running - and saying the right things in the right way - involves making a lot of important decisions. So don't go it alone. To learn what to look for when shopping for a website,  Click Here >>

Does The Counseling Consultant Offer Package Deals?

Yes! To save you both time and money, The Counseling Consultant offers three packages: Counseling STARTUPTM, Counseling ADVANCEDTM, and Counseling PREMIUMTM. To see these three packages,   Click Here >>

Why is Owning My Website Better Than Renting?

When you RENT your website, someone else owns it, and you pay them FOREVER. But why RENT a generic template website when for only $291 more in the FIRST year you can save over $600 EVERY year ... and have a professional and powerful website custom-made for your practice?   Learn More >>

Who Are Your Competitors and What Do They Charge?

Our main competitor is TherapySitesTM, who advertise heavily in the CAMFT magazine and elsewhere. Currently they charge about $59 a month ... FOREVER. To see just how favorably our pricing compares to theirs,   Click Here >>

What Other Services Does the Counseling Consultant Provide?

As a full-service Practice Development Consultancy, the Counseling Consultant can help you with your marketing, your website, your public speaking engagements, your telephone system and menus, and your office operations.   Learn More >>

I Want to Purchase a Website Package.  What Can I Expect?

To help you understand what to expect when you purchase one of our website packages, we've created a complete, step-by-step description of our design process.  Learn More >>

I Don’t Understand Web Technology.  Do I Need To?

No! That's the beauty of hiring an agency versus trying to build your own site by filling in some vendor's web template. However, if you DO want to know more about the underlying technology, we've created a GLOSSARY of technical terms that hopefully won't make your eyes GLOSS OVER! To see it, just   Click Here >>

Where Can I Learn More About The Counseling Consultant?

The Counseling Consultant is a brand-new, full-service Practice Development Consultancy that just opened in December, 2010. To learn more about us and our founder,   Click Here >>



Does My Website Use Industry Standard HTML and CSS?

To help ensure long life and wide acceptance for your website, its HTML and CSS code is "validated", i.e., it is electronically checked to make sure it complies with applicable Industry Standards.

Does My Website Run on iPhones and iPads?

Some of our competitors use proprietary Flash technology in their web designs, which can be problematic on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. We use industry-standard JavaScript libraries instead (jQuery/AJAX), so your design will run just about anywhere.

What Browsers and Devices does My Website Run on?

Generally speaking your website will run on any device and any browser; the real question is how good it will look! That's why we use Adobe BrowserLab technology to test your webpages on over 10 different popular (and not-so-popular) browser configurations, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

My Website Seems Faster than Other Websites. Why Is That?

Your website seems faster for two reasons. First, your website has been carefully designed to minimize download size. It's typically under 250Kb despite the beautiful graphics.


Second, your website uses a special navigation system: when you press a button or click on a link, most websites reload the entire page, even though most of it won't change. But your website reloads only the middle panel, which makes it much faster -- and eliminates that annoying blink of the whole page!

What does the Counseling Consultant Use to Build My Website?

We use only the latest Adobe® CS6 Photoshop and Dreamweaver products.

How Do You Test My Website before Publishing It?

During development we check it on the most common web browsers, e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari, and Google's Chrome. But towards the end of the process we utilize Adobe's BrowserLab technology to preview the site on a variety of browser versions.

Where is My Website Hosted?

Once we publish your website during Phase Five: Training and Final Delivery, your website will be hosted by our sister site,, which is actually underneath. This top-tier, brand-name webhosting vendor has great rates, great support, and a long track record of success.

What if I Want to Change My Website Later On?

Minor changes - such as hourly fee changes, phone number changes, etc. - can easily be done and are billed at our hourly rate, for example at the half-hour minimum.


Major changes - overhauls or remodels of the website or design - are best handled by creating a formal, fixed-price estimate.



Can I Mix and Match Services and Packages?

Yes! If you see something you'd like, you can add it to a package, or purchase it separately. Just let us know and we'll create an estimate for you.

What is 10-Month No-Interest Financing and Do I Qualify?

For credit card customers who purchase a Counseling STARTUPTM, Counseling ADVANCEDTM, or Counseling PREMIUMTM package, the Counseling Consultant offers interest-free financing payable over 10 months.


After an initial, nonrefundable deposit of $99 due at time of purchase, the remainder is billed in 10 equal payments, one per month. In addition, on the 11th month any tax due is billed. Billing is on the 1st or 15th, your choice, and you will receive a statement for each payment made.


Note that an Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization Form must be signed and returned before your 10-Month No-Interest Financing can begin.


EXAMPLE: If you purchase the Counseling STARTUPTM package at a sale price of $999, that would be $99 up front, then $90 per month for 10 months, then one final tax payment the following month. And you don't have to do anything: we bill your credit card automatically and send you a statement for each payment.

What are your Standard Payment Terms?

For packages, standard purchasing terms are an initial, nonrefundable deposit of $99 due at time of purchase, and the remainder plus any tax on delivery.


For ala carte work, a 10% non-refundable down payment is due at purchase, and the remainder plus any tax on delivery.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

The Counseling Consultant is proud to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You may also pay by check.

What if I’m Not Satisfied with My Design?

At The Counseling Consultant we do everything we can to live up to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


If however an unbreachable gap were ever to be found between the Counseling Consultant and one of its clients (God Forbid!), in general the client would not be charged ANYTHING beyond the initial nonrefundable $99 deposit.


Exceptions would be nonrecoverable or extraordinary expenses, such as custom signage costing greater than the $99 initial deposit.


The Counseling Consultant would retain the copyright and all interests in the work and would therefore most likely offer it as a Design For Sale to recoup its costs.

What Are Your Hourly Rates?

For ala carte work we charge only $30 per hour, with a half-hour minimum. This is typically very little compared with the rates you probably charge your clients, which is why we recommend that you let us handle the marketing & technical details for you!

Is There a Minimum Charge?

Yes, we have a half-hour minimum. So if our hourly rate is $30, that means there is minimum charge of $15.



Is Technical Support Available 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week?

Yes.  24x7 technical support is available from your operational vendors, e.g.,,, or  During Phase Five: Training and Final Delivery, we will train you on how to contact and work with these vendors and their world-class tech support teams.

Who Provides My Technical Support?

Because the Counseling Consultant is a design agency, we provide the technical support during the design process, i.e., up until Phase Five: Training and Final Delivery.  After delivery, the operational vendors – for example,, or – provide the technical support.

If There is a Problem, Whom Do I Contact?

Before Final Delivery, please contact the Counseling Consultant:

  • The Counseling Consultant 1-866-837-2251

After Final Delivery, please contact the operational vendor in question first, and then contact the Counseling Consultant:

  •  1-480-624-2500
  • 1-480-505-8877
  • 1-800-318-0870
  • 1-888-401-4678
  • 1-877-232-9847, Press Zero
  • 1-800-998-7087
  • The Counseling Consultant 1-866-837-2251

NOTE: Although post-delivery technical support is the responsibility of the operational vendors, please contact us immediately if you experience a problem.  We want you make sure you’re happy, and we also need to keep an eye on any emerging problems that might affect our clients as a whole.

If There is a Problem, Can You Call Technical Support For Me?

Absolutely.  And even though we do charge our hourly rate for this service, if you’re busy, this can be a life-saver.  Remember, our hourly rates are a lot lower than yours, so you definitely wouldn’t want to miss any client sessions to work on such a problem.

How Often Should I Expect to Call Technical Support?

Just about never.  That’s because your website and phone system are “static” systems, meaning that they don’t change.  For example, once you setup your website or phone menu, it will run unchanged for years. 


We mention this because some of our competitors charge exorbitant fees for technical support services that are never used!

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